An insight into school features to nurture your kids

School is considered a second home for children and as such, architecture of schools has a significant influence over the personality and skills of your kid, and this is what Cambridge International Sr. Sec. School provides to their students. The school has all the features that parents look for in a good school like spacious classrooms, playground, and well trained teachers and staff to develop young minds. Cambridge International School offers some unique facilities that are designed, developed and maintained by experienced academicians to give a well-rounded personality to your children.

Creativity is nurtured in cognitive environment by giving personal attention to each student and Cambridge School is committed to deliver quality education to their students. Sports, Art, craft, dance, music and any other creative aspects are encouraged by mentoring and training children that can help them follow their creative pursuits. Activity based learning makes every teaching session collaborative and interactive.We understand the needs of the curious minds and have the equipment and teachers to help children experience and grow.

Other than the prescribed curriculum, we have sessions dedicated to life skill development,school has expert coaches for number sports and a yoga instructor to help children maintain good health and well-being.  We conduct regular activities, functions, seminars, and workshops by often inviting well known personalities, achievers, experts and intellectuals.       

Not just excellent performance by the children in board exams is our aspiration, Cambridge International Sr. Sec. School is endeavor to give their student a conceptual learning that imbibes knowledge, inculcates values, and develops pleasing personality.